Wine Aerator Set

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Wine Aerator Set

Wine needs to breathe before drinking

Magic wine aerator can help to get rid of the tannin, enhance wine flavor, get better aroma and pleasant finish.

Traditionally, people use decanter to aerate the wine. However, decanting is time consuming, cumbersome and inconvenient.Magic wine aerator’s design speeds up this process with ease and convenience, you can enjoy wine at any time.

Why people use this magic wine decanter:

The traditional way of decanting wine is to pour the newly opened red wine into the decanter to help the wine contacting the oxygen sufficiently and oxidize the tannic acid of wine by swaying and placing on and on for about 30 minutes,which is not only takes long time and operat escomplexly,but also requires controlling the time according to different kin d(brand) of wine.

It is known that bouquet would volatilize if decanting time is too long while bitterness and astringent taste would be retained if time is lacked by using the heavy and fragile traditional decanter.

The magic decanter can solve the above problems essentially. It takes only 0.1s decanting time, which is very convenient and popular around the world.

Working principle:

The Magic Decanter adopts the method of”Single-cup decanting”to speed up flow rate of wine then help the combination of wine and air, which makes the pressure of inner structure of molecular released and tannin oxygenated.

It keeps the original texture of wines and enables you to have smooth hours after short-time decanting.

Product Feature:

1.Instant decanting time(0.1s).

2. Mini size makes it possible for you to carry it.

3.Special gift with outstanding appearance.

4. High quality is ensured after a strict test.

5. Materials comply with food hygiene, undergo a rigorous inspection and testing, full compliance with the standard of the food industry.

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