Touch It Toothpaste Dispenser


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Touch It Toothpaste Dispenser

Tired of squeezing and pressing your toothpaste? Do you face a problem while applying toothpaste on your brush when you are sleepy? The ultimate solution is here! Touch It Toothpaste Dispenser with Toothbrush Holder.
To use, insert the toothpaste tube nozzle carefully into the top hole.
The toothpaste will stand on its own after it completely plugs in.
When you push the handle which is in the dispenser’s mouth with your brush,
An amount of toothpaste will squeeze out and right onto the brush surface.
No more messy toothpaste left in the tube
When the toothpaste tube is emptied, simply pull out the old one.
Pretty simple and neat, economical and reduces waste
Quite a sanitary way to brush fot you and your family’s teeth.
Can be sticked on the bathroom wall
Comes with a lidded toothbrush holder for hanging 5 toothbrushes.

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Weight 0.34 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 12 cm
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