Slurred Drinking Game

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Slurred Drinking Game

Grab your favorite beverage and get ready to slur your words
Slurred Drinking Game -The Bar Essentials
The A-Z drinking game
A point is awarded for every correct answer
Player with the highest score at the end of 5 rounds wines
Suitable for 2-4 player
4 shot glasses

How To Play

Fill each player’s shot glass with the beverage of their choice. To determine who goes first each player spins the spinner, The player who spins the closest to the end of the alphabet (highest letter) goes first. Players should also decide which category ring will be used for the game; white or yellow.

Beginning a Round & Giving an Answer
justify The first player begins by spinning one time to select a category, then that player spins again to determine the letter to be played. Once the spinner stops and lands on the category’s question, the player who answers the correct question scores 1 point.Determining a Winner:

One point is awarded for every correct answer given. The player with the highest total at the end of 5 rounds wins.

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