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Sleeping on planes is almost always a less-than-pleasing experience. The flimsy, one-size-fits-all sleep masks do not seem to help. Cabeau’s Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask offers a
custom fit, allows users to choose their preferred level of dark or light, is silky soft against
the skin, and has a sleek and attractive design that ensures you always get your required
amount of sleep, when on the go.

• The only sleep mask with an adjustable nose bridge. This allows you to bend and mold
the mask to perfectly contour to your unique facial features, guaranteeing 100%
• If you prefer a little light, you can simply adjust the nose bridge rest peacefully with a
hint of twilight.
• For maximum comfort, the Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask has specially designed inner
rounded eyeliners to keep it from resting against your eyelids as you sleep or smearing
your make-up, and the silky plush fabric ensures a soft touch against your face.
• A sealed side pocket holds the premium memory foam earplugs (included) –perfect for
drowning out the ambient noise around you, whether you’re trying to sleep on a plane,
in a hotel room, or at home.

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