Self Cleaning Base

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FurryFlinty Fur & Lint Remover makes it extremely easy to remove your pets fur and lint from your clothes and furniture and is itself extra simple to clean. Basically, it does all the hard work for you so you and your home dont need to be coated with fur all the time!

How to Use:

1. Gently sweep your Fur Wizard brush across the surfaces from which you want to remove pet fur, hair, and lint. Follow the arrow when you brush. The brush can capture these on both sides.
2. When the brush is fully covered, dip it into the base. When you take out the brush, it will be clean and ready to catch more fur.
3. When the base is full, simply take off the cap and empty the contents into a trash can.

Perfect for:
Upholstered furniture
Car Seats

Package Includes:
1 X FurryFlinty Fur Wizard lint brush
1 X Self-cleaning base
1 X Travel size lint brush and base

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