Plasma Nebula Ball

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Plasma Nebula Ball

This plasma ball globe & shines beautiful purple lights throughout the dome. The Nebula Ball is made up of a clear dome which sits on top of a black base. Inside the plasma ball there is electricity constantly flowing when you switch the device on. When you touch the Nebula Ball, streams of electric light flows to your fingertips. You can see and feel the power and excitement of the plasma ball! It really is incredible to watch and feel.
You can Turn off the Light or Lamp with buttons.
Fluorescent Green round tube on its base – its glows
Light and Fluorescent tube gives sparking effect when you touch it.
Although it not the same as sun-bathing on the beach, the Plasma Ball will still provide you with hours of fun. Consider it a modern-day-fishtank  Ok maybe not, but cool nonetheless.
Plasma Ball light will create a unique and fun environment on your desk or workstation. Watch with amazement as the electricity follows your finger tips across the glass ball. This Plasma Ball is big enough to amaze your co-workers with its awe inspiring light show.

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