Multi Purpose Sticky Pad

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Multi Purpose Sticky Pad

In the Car on the dashboard.K eep track of small change, glasses, pens or other small items, that you need to keep handy, when using the car.

Place sticky mat on the car door, the dashboard, and press your cellphone, mp3 player, iPad, iPod, glasses or GPS navigation onto it afterward, to make it stick in place.

At the Computer. Attach your mouse, speakers, headphones or something else, to the side of the computer, or the monitor.

At Home. Keep all the remote controls for the television, stereo or gaming console handy. Place the sticky-mat on the side of the coffee table, and stick the remotes onto the pad.

In the Airplane. Attach the sticky mat to the neck rest in front of you, and enjoy a movie on your iPad or Smartphone.

As a notice board. Use sticky mat as a holder for to-do lists or grocery lists on the refrigerator, a door or another place.

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