Manicure set

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Manicure set

A Manicure kit that is essential when you are traveling and serves various purposes is here from Flintstop

Small Nail File: Two-Sided Nickel Plated Surface

A small nail file that has nickel plated sides helps you smoothen the rough edges of your nails and also gives your nails a shape.

Straight Tweezer: Perfect For Removing Ingrown Hair

Give yourself a neat attire by pulling out and getting rid of the unwanted ingrown hair with the help of this straight tweezer.

Cuticle Scissor: Cut Dead Cuticles Perfectly, Trim Cuticles With Precision

Vega Set of 6 Tools MS 08 is equipped with a cuticle scissor that cuts dead cuticles perfectly and trims them with utmost precision.

Cuticle Trimmer: V-Cutting Edge Trims Away Dead Cuticles

Well equipped with a cuticle trimmer, this V-cutting edge trims away dead cuticles.

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