Magic Water Balloons (Pack of 111)


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Magic Water Balloons (Pack of 111)

  • Pack contains 1 water balloon maker (each one makes 37 water balloons).
  • SO much fun for all the family. The latest craze to hit the USA.
  • Take your water balloon fights to the next level.
  • Filled all in 1 minute.
  • Self tying
  • Easily screws onto a garden hose or tap or can be carefully filled without screwing in place
  • Simple to use, even for children
  • Made from eco-friendly latex & recyclable plastic
  • Perfect for Holi and kids’ summer pool parties.
  • Hours of fun on a hot summer day!
1.Connect the Magic Balloons attachment to a hose.
2.Hold the hose with the Magic Balloons over the bucket and turn on the water.The balloons will fill up in seconds.
3.Onece full,turn off and just give the balloons a gentle shake-this will automatically tie the water balloons.

4.Gather the troops for a water balloon war!


Note: Colours will be sent at random.

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