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Key Finder

When you’re all set to leave, isn’t is often annoying that you can’t place where you left your keys last? With a Credit Card like device in your wallet you turn on and you instantly know where your keys are! A flick on the card and your keychain starts to light up and beep. Without the need to rack your brain and search all over the place to see  where you left them last.

The Key Finder works thru drawers, walls, cabinets, rooms and almost everywhere up to 120 feet away. These days, with search engines that fit into your pocket who relies on brains anyway!

  • Never worry about misplacing your keys again
  • Switch on the card to sound the keychain from 120 feet away&nbsp
  •  Keychain alarms and lights up informing you where it is
  •  Works thru drawers, pockets, bags, under pillows, etc.
  •  Long 120 feet detection range
  • The slim card fits in your wallet or purse.
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