Hot Dog Memo Pad

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Hot Dog Memo Pad

Hot Dog Memo Pad Hot Dog memo pads ready to eat (write) Made of sponge and sticky color papers for taking notes Comes with 80 blank sheets sporting colors of ketchup, cheese and lettuce Looks great sitting on your desk If you are a person who takes a lot of notes, scribbles down your thoughts anywhere, anytime, then you should have been tired with those old-fashioned rectangular memo pads. Those pads are so boring and honestly, lack the attention-catching ability to remember the notes. We present you the amazingly cute appetizing notepads that look like the real Hot Dogs. They look so much like real food, some people may even mistake of taking a bite. Open the Hot Dog to expose the red, yellow and green sticky pads and start jotting down the notes, be it your kitchen or office. Amaze your friends by writing & drawing on these colorful & quirky notes.

The Hot Dog memo pads are designed to keep your notes and reminders in order and blends in very well with your home or office surroundings. This can also make a very good gift for your friends and family, as it helps them organize their days and add quirkiness as well.

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