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Egg Cracker

Egg Cracker Separator is the fantastic new tools that makes cracking eggs open a breeze! With Egg Cracker Separator, make imperfectly cracked eggs with spilling and bits of shell mixed up with the egg a thing of the past. Simply place the egg inside Egg Cracker Separator and presto, a perfectly cracked egg everytime.Egg Cracker Egg Separator also separates egg whites from egg yolks perfectly every time, making delicious and nutritious egg white omelets easy and quick to make. With the EggCracker, say goodbye to scalded fingers when you make hardboiled eggs and try to peel the shell off the hot eggs. The Egg Cracker is also ideal for removing the shells of hard boiled eggs.

How to use:

  • Place the egg into the EZ Cracker’s crad
  • Squeeze both handles together to crack the egg.
  • Insert the egg white separator into the unit to divide the yolk from the white.

This simple design allows you to crack open eggs without any mess or bits of shell in your food. Simply insert an egg into the cradle and squeeze to instantly crack and release the egg from its shell. With the Egg Cracker, the shell is always left behind so you never have to worry about fishing that annoying piece of shell out of your food!

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