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E-Table Multi-function table could be used as a portable laptop table, laptop holder, bed table, reading table and many more.

Suitable for car and traveling purpose.

Very useful as a laptop or netbook table while lazing on the bed or sofa.
It has a small footprint and can be easily folded and fitted into your laptop bag.
It can hold a gross weight of 25 Kgs not that you would need it!
This portable table is also an effective cooler for laptops/netbooks.
It has dual fans powered by the USB port on notebooks which drain away the heat from laptops.

The portable table is also well designed with pleasing aesthetics.
If you are looking for additional features, then you would be glad to know that you can use this table as a bed & breakfast table or reading & writing table.
You can use it in the car, flight or train. If you want to connect to nature, then this is a perfect accessory while you are working in the garden! Truly multi-functional!

E Table is also suitable for those who have been advised bed rest and takes away the unnecessary strain of using a laptop.
The table can also be adjusted to different height settings conveniently.
It is made of?high-quality?plastic and is equipped with a cup tray and mouse pad.
The beauty of this product is that it can be set up in seconds.

It is super thin (only 3.6cm thickness), very light, extra-strong and sturdy. Each table is packed into a bubble bag and then into a color box.
This cute and innovative laptop table is a customer?s delight and is priced reasonably! If you own a laptop or netbook, then this is a  must have  notebook accessory! Moreover, it is trendy and fashionable! What more can you ask?

The days are gone when weekends or holidays were only about fun and entertainment sans work. Skype interviews, meetings, online mock tests etc. are regular affairs and you probably spend most of the time glued to your notebook or laptop screen. Make yourself comfortable by bringing home a multipurpose E-Table Portable Laptop Table w/ Cooling Fan  Unique. This unique space saver portable laptop table can easily find a place on the bed or a couch so that you can comfortably settle in one of the places. If your work demands long hours it is not a good idea to crouch on the bed or lie down while working. The faulty position can cause back or shoulder ache. The table helps to retain your position without having to place yourself uncomfortably on the desk and chair. The integrated cooling fan is an innovative addition that keeps the temperature in check and stabilizes your laptop, especially when you are working for long hours. This folding laptop table can easily be stored when not in use. The multiuse table can also be used as a study table for reading, writing or other activities. It has a cup holder so that your occasional tea or coffee cups can slide in without spilling the contents.

This E-table portable laptop table is designed to offer a dual function. It serves as a cooling fan and can also be used as a multipurpose stand for studying, dining, laptop usage or simply to keep some stuff on it. The foldable table can be assembled anywhere within seconds and can be conveniently stored under your work desk. Along with simple table features, it also has a cup tray and a mouse pad to assist while using a laptop and avoid spilling of liquids. This folding laptop table with the cooling fan is made of high-quality plastic which is capable of withstanding load up to 25kg.


1.Dual cooling fans powered by USB, excellent cooling performance

2.USB interface (USB cable included)

3.Adjustable Height

4.Cup tray, mouse pad design

5.Perfect for sofa, bed, car, floor or elsewhere when using notebook, reading, writing, eating or drawing

6.Desk made of high-quality plastic with a mouse platform


1.Wide application, can not only be used as a cooler, but also as a laptop /reading table in family and school, in an office and a car and travel.

2.Easy setup within seconds

3.Super thin (only 3.6cm thickness), very light, extra-strong and sturdy, max loading 25kgs.

4.Foldable in desk and legs, small in volume, easy to take.

5.Suitable for all size notebook.

6.Legs adjustable to any comfortable angles when in use

7.Main Desk Dimension: 315mm * 280mm * 36.1mm

8.Leg Adjustable Height Range: 0–310mm

10. Fan Power Supply: USB 5V Power

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 30 × 35 cm
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