Drinking Ludo

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Drinking Ludo

Totally new and different – the game of the century “Ludo” for little and big players. How long has it been since you played Ludo the last time? Just try it again, but with shot glasses as tokens. Of course, the glasses can also be filled with juice and other non-alcoholic drinks. The game provides an extra large glass playboard. The game includes two cubes and can be played with 2, 3 or four players. This drinking game’s rules are the same as in Ludo, with the single difference, that you have to drain the glass of yours which got kicked out. The winner can command the losers to do something, like draining all glasses which are not in their houses.

ATTENTION: Please make sure your children are always supervised by adults while they are playing with the toy! It is not suitable for toddlers, as small parts can be swallowed! 

Drinking ludo(16 shot glasses,each side have 4 shot glasses,2 dices,chessboard size:30*30cm,color box)

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