Dexter Smart Notebook


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This is India’s First & Only Smart Notebook specially designed for working professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs to maximize their productivity and achieve more consistently on a daily basis:

Smart Features:

Completely Erasable, Waterproof & Tear Resistant Pages. Feels like normal paper but made of a special eco-friendly composite.
Scan, Store & Share your notes with CamScanner App (iOS & Android).The pages are designed to work perfectly well with CamScanner app.
Productivity-focused patented unique Page Design to get things done. A never before seen patented page design, developed based on Pareto Principle for Productivity improvement. The pages are developed through over a year of Scientific research and surveys of professionals across various industries.
Pages are made of non-tree pulp & is eco-friendly. No-acid or chlorine is used in bleaching. Proprietary erasable, waterproof paper has been developed specifically for this book and used.

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