Chain Lasso Wine Bottle Holder


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Chain Lasso Wine Bottle Holder

Leave your guests speechless with The Chain Wine Bottle Holder and its defiance of the laws of gravity. As a string wrapped around the neck of the bottle of wine seems to hold it in the air. It uses a simple point’s system support this optical illusion to create and distribute the weight of the bottle correctly. Practical and surprising.


The Lasso is actually made of chromed iron metal cleverly disguised with chain, which creates one of the best optical illusions you’ll ever see. Cleverly, the end on the lasso is the just plain chain, so you can lift it up and move it around, which is definitely guaranteed to get a “what the…!” reaction.

Suitable for all standard wine bottles, it makes the perfect gift for the fun-loving wine connoisseur. Quite simply this is one of the coolest things you can have in your kitchen.

Features :

  • Bottle shaped chain.
  • It uses the principle of balance to create the optical illusion of airborne.
  • Made of chrome iron.
  • Very tough.
  • Suitable for most bottles.
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Weight1 kg
Dimensions25 × 20 × 25 cm
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