Car, Home And Body Massager

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Car, Home and Body Massager

This is a full-size seat topper massager. It has an elastic strap for strapping onto chairs and car seats. This massager is great for home, office or cars and an adapter is included for both home and car use. It has 5 massage motors in 3 massage zones and also a heat function. It helps relieve stress, tension, pain and provides relaxation. You can use it at home while reading, watching TV etc. or in your car. The multifunction wired remote control provides off and hi/ low-intensity levels for upper back, lower back and neck areas. The heating function provides soothing heat and helps relieve pain in the back. Great for everyone, especially People who sit for long hours or drive a lot. Product Features:- Seat Topper Back and Neck Massager for Complete Relaxation. Soothing Massage with Lumbar Heat at Home, Office or Car. 5 Powerful Massage Motors in 3 Individual Massage Zones. Includes Adapters for Both Home and Car Use. Multifunction Controller with Off-Lo-Hi Controls for each Zone.? Massage Zones: Lower Back, Upper Back and Neck/Shoulder.

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