Car Air Freshener

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Car Air Freshener

Car Humidifier With Dual USB Charger – Safe and Smart Car Essential Oil Diffuser with Quiet Operation and Automatic Shut-off System


2 IN 1 – Combine the air humidifier and the car charger together. Convenient and practical.

2 OPERATING MODE – Continuous operation and Intermittent operation. Intermittent operation: About 10 seconds spray every 30 seconds.

2 UNIQUE INTELLIGENT DESIGN – Quiet Operation and Automatic Shut-off System. No noise during operation and will automatically shut down when the water is low.

360 DEGREE ROTATION – Convenient and beautiful, you can adjust it’s an angle to meet your needs.

PRODUCT CARE INSTRUCTIONS – Keep out of reach of children. Please try not to use the air humidifier when the water is low. When product is not being used, please pour out all the liquid and store it in a cool, dry place.

The air in the car is very dry, if the air in your car is drying out your throat, nasal passages, and skin, a humidifier can make a big difference.

This car humidifier works as both air humidifier and the aroma diffuser.

The pleasant smell will help to lift your mood, relieve tension and anxiety, boost the metabolism and so on.

You could add your lovely essential oil to the water tank if you want the aromatherapy. Our Car Aroma Diffuser Humidifier uses the latest ultrasonic cool mist humidification technology for soothing moisture on the go.

Automatic Shut-off System

The product is protected by the auto power-off function. After continuously working for 2 hours, It will cut off the power automatically. To use the humidifier again, please turn on after adding more water.


Input: DC 12V

Output: Spray DC 12V

Power: Spray 1.5W-3.5W

USB Port: DC 5V 2.1A/1A

Water Tank Capacity: 50ML

Spray Amount: 20-30ML/Hour

Size: 2.68 x 2.76 x 8.27 inch


1. Can be used only when the car engine is started.

2. Please DO NOT use the humidifier when there is not enough water in the tank.

3. When the product is not being used, please detach it, pour out all the liquid and store it in a cool, dry place

4. Please DO NOT use greasy aroma oils.

5. When the mist becomes thinner, please replace the sponge.


1 x Car Humidifier

1 x Sponge (spare part)

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