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  • ENJOY EVERY SINGLE SIP OF YOUR FAVORITE DRINK – With soon to be, this whiskey rocks gift set every drink stays away from being diluted by ice in your glasses. – If you drink Whiskey Non-Alcohol Drinks, Vodka, Wine, Scotch, Bourbon, Rum, Cocktails, etc. – YOUR LAST SIP WILL ALWAYS BE AS PERFECT AS THE FIRST.
  • The Ceramic Whiskey Stone Are Made From 100% Pure Ceramic. Ceramic has superior thermal mass giving it the natural ability to retain its temperature for extended periods of time. Ceramic is non-porous, odorless, and tasteless and will not absorb odors from your freezer as ice cubes do.
  • It can be used to chill your whiskey, scotch, vodka, white/red wine, etc. Please wash stones before first use. Place stones in the freezer for at least two hours. Then, place stones in your glass (recommend 3 stones per 2-3 oz.) and pour your whiskey or other chosen spirit over the stones to chill your drink. Enjoy your drinks.
  • NO MATTER YOUR AGE OR YOUR GENDER! YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! – As a gift these high-quality Whisky ice cubes/stone/whiskey chiller are an ideal option for your husband, wife, fiancé, friends, parents, etc. Give them our chilling stones gift set as a special gift set that is easy to use, and most importantly unforgettable! – Or just satisfy yourself. A FEW GREAT GIFT IDEAS: Christmas, Father´s Day, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Retirement Gifts, Anniversary, College Graduation, and Promotion!
  • Whiskey Stones: This is a set of nine whiskey & non-alcoholic drink stones cubes that come with a complimentary sleek velvet bag. Wash and reuse: Whiskey stones are dishwasher safe and will never wear out. For adult use only, please keep away from children.
  • Includes a pack of 9 pieces
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