Black Cat Toothbrush Holder


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Black Cat Toothbrush Holder

This Black Cat Toothbrush Holder is the cutiest, thing?to have in your bathroom at your home.? The Black Cat Toothbrush Holder is? wall mountable,? this holder can hold many things. Black Cat Toothbrush holder can hold a tongue cleaner, toothbrush and a?single tube of toothpaste.? Its pop colour?will help brighten any wall surface. This piece makes for a super practical gift as well! for the kids as well as teenagers.? This one here is practicality coupled with some charm, now who wouldn?t adore this? This product is Unique,? yet modern,?which has a Practical Design, which removes the need to build a cabinet in the bathroom. The practical design makes it an ideal accessory for a home bathroom

  • It is Great for Use?In House?Bathroom.
  • Black Cat Design and Colour Matches with Most Bathrooms.
  • Plastic Toothbrush Rack Can Be Wall Mounted as It Has Two Suction Caps that Can Be Fixed To Glass and Easily Removed.
  • Ideal?for?a Present or a Gift to people who have moved to a new house or kids who have the idea that cabinets are super boring and buy something unique and modern, or with a dash of quirkiness.?


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