Balloon Helicopter

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Balloon Helicopter

Blow up the balloon, then toss this ‘copter up into the air and watch it soar! Up to two stories high with new balloons. Wow! Newton’s Third Law needs to be applied twice in order to explain the upward motion of the helicopter. A fun science toy! Age:7

What you get

Three blades, blade connector, hub, and two balloons. See the bottom of the page for a picture of the packet contents.

How does it work

The first thing to do is assemble the helicopter. It is easy to put together and you get to practice some basic constructions skills too! Then it?s time for the real fun. Blow up the balloon, pinch it shut and attach the hub on the end of the balloon to the blade assembly. The gases escaping from the balloon force the blades to rotate. The rotating blades, in turn, drive the air downward to provide lift and propel the helicopter high into the air. Awesome!


  • Newton’s three laws of motion
  • Principles of air and flight.
  • Air pressure.
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