8200 mAh Thundering Power Bank

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8200 mAh Thundering Power Bank

The name says it all, Universal Thunder portable PB 8200 mah. So continue doing the same thing with style and make it a fashionable accessory.?

Power bank used for the purpose of charging your device

Offers Thunder LED Lights while in use.

  • Power colour Lithium Polymer Battery Sleek compact, Stylish, and light-weighted design?
  • Compatible with all mobile phones charged by USB port? 8200 mAH?
  • Mobile power storage, portable for both in door and outside?
  • Provides you with some extra juice when you need it most.?
  • ?Elegant design fit for most cellphones.
  • Its size allows you to carry the power source wherever you go.
  • Great for?travelling?and long flight
  • Charging that lasts, charges very fast
  • It’s?minimalistic compact design fits into most accessory pockets?
  • Attractive design
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