12 in 1 Multi Functional Swiss Knife

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12 in 1 Multi Functional Swiss Knife

12 in 1 Multi functional Swiss Knife is an incredible tool that comes in handy for all your needs. This handy pocket tool is a complete package of all the important accessories.

Material and Finish
12 in 1 Multi functional Swiss Knife is made of high-quality steel that is very durable and tough. The high-quality steel prevents any rusting of the tool. The Swiss knife is a unique collection of 12 utilities that come handy in one piece. The multi-tool Swiss knife is a must have for all the trekkers and adventure lovers who want an all-in -one Multi- utility tool for easy use. The make of the Swiss knife ensures a comfortable grip on each tool and, therefore, is a delight for its users.

Ease of use
The incredible Multi functional Swiss knife has a collection of 12 tools in miniature that come very handy for use. It is definitely a space saver and can be slipped into your pockets for convenient access and availability. This knife is a must have for people going on an adventure vacation or for camping. (Gift for the traveller).
You can consider gifting this incredible piece of multi-utility tool for the travel lovers and adventure lovers Surely they would always remember you for the wonderful gift as they use it in their adventure sprees.

Tool Includes:

– Scissors

– Triangular Needle

– Wine Opener

– Knife

– Carabiner

– Single Saw

– Double Saw

– Nail File

– Triangular Needle

– Wine Opener

– Beer Opener

– Dig Needle

Additional information
Weight 0.95 kg
Dimensions 17 × 5 × 5 cm
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